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Born on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in 1975, Jack Johnson didn't set out to become an award-winning musician. His early life was dominated by the ocean and he quickly followed in his father's footsteps to become a professional surfer. Unfortunately for the surfing world, but fortuitously for the music world, Jack injured himself within weeks of turning professional and retired from surfing. His debut album Brushfire Fairytales was released in early 2001 and was really well received within the surfing community allowing it to quickly spread throughout the world. His blend of soft-rock/acoustic-chill found a place in many people's hearts. The success of Brushfire Fairytales allowed Jack the opportunity to build his own eco-friendly studio, Mango Tree Studio and it was here that he recorded his second album, 2003's On and On. Becoming known the world over for his acoustic abilities and songs with a meaning, Jack release In Between Dreams in 2004, before signing up for Disney's Curious George Soundtrack. Jack Johnson's fifth album is perhaps his most famous, in 2009 Sleep Through the Static took Jack back to his surfing roots and earned him a new generation of fans. Jack split his time between working on his own material, managing his new record label, Brushfire Records and a vast amount of charity work. Being raised into a surfing family, Jack has always had a close connection with the ocean and with looking after his natural surroundings. When Jack release 2010's To the Sea, his songs and his charity work were brought straight to the fore. Recently Jack has recorded two more albums, Bonnaroo and From Here to Now to You, as well as touring around the Hawaiian islands promoting the environmental campaign Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to help clean up Hawaii's and the world's oceans.

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